2021-01-20 KE5EE 이 친구 시스템이 장난이 아니네요.

DS3EXX 1 4,228



DXCC from Hawaii QTH: 331 Entities   ( Latest Entities =  Navassa Island & Cocos Island TI9 )


Finally got DXCC Honor Roll from KH6 before the move to Florida.   :-)


377 DXCC Confirmed from New Jersey QTH using WB2AYP callsign.


40M, 30M and 80M stack phasing lines and control cables are now installed on the big 200 ft tower.

Crane scheduled for next week. Just awaiting JK stack match boxes and we will be in business...  

The Journey Continues.....

Below: The Custom made 2 element 60M Yagi made for me by my good friend Ken Garg at JK antennas, is finally built and has been tested here. All is well and is ready for the crane. It will be at a height of 72 feet on a TIC RING rotor on the HDX-5106 tower, below the DB-42 yagi.  The 3 el 80M yagi is in the background. Looks like the ERP power will be about 12 watts on 60m.

Below: Custom Truss system for the TIC RING cradle on the 60m yagi.  The two "ears" facing the tower in this photo will attach to the rotor at the 72 ft level.  Easy install expected. Fingers crosed...  hihi.

Below: One of the JK 40m/30m stack antennas on a  temporary test set up. 

Below: another JK 40m/30m yagi for stacking on another testing section, awaiting the crane for install on the 200 foot tower.


Top left is TS-990 & SPE 2K-FA amp #1 for 160M,  top right is TS-990 & SPE 2K-FA amp #2 for 80M,  bottom left is TS-990 for 10-40m with OM power amp,  bottom right is TS-990 and SPE amp #2 on input 2 for 6m & 6M EME.  On the left side are 5 linear amps and a couple of antenna tuners if needed.  Three more amps on the right side out of the photo, plus a Rockwell Collins KWM-380 which I will be using on 60M with the new yagi on the way.

My Second Radio Shack will be added soon to the workshop office

BELOW: Is the "one of a kind", 6 SteppIR yagis stack, in a triple-dual stack configuration. Top antenna at 185 feet. Bottom at 35 feet on the 200 foot rotating tower. It is the equivalent of having 30 separate antennas on the tower. The beauty is that once we change bands the other bands dissapear.  hihi.

This arrangement is designed for maximum gain for 10m, 12m, 15m and 17m., but we are experiencing amazing gain for 20M, as a bonus. (other 20m, 40m and 30m stacks going up soon along with a 2 element 60m yagi).

There are 18 active elements on each of the bands. Each dual stack can be switched in any configuration, Top stack, middle stack, bottom stack via a 3 way stack match designed by Array Solutions. The stacks directions can also be reversed electrically on the fly. For example, the top stack could be firing WEST while the middle stack can be firing EAST and the bottom stack can be firing in BOTH directions at the same time.  Very versatile and creative combinations are possible. The in-phase matching between the "pairs" is done by three Array Solutions Mini-Stack Matches at 165 feet, 105 feet and 45 feet.  (photo below of SM controller)

The array is feed underground from the radio shack with 300 feet of Andrew AVA-7-50, 1-5/8" hardline to Andrew FSJ4-50 for the tower rotor loop to the main stack match, then up the tower with three LMR-600 phasing lines to each of the three mini stack matches, and then feed to each yagi via Andrew FSJ-4 superflex coax.  All connectors are 7/16 DIN.  Only the best for this installation  :-)​






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